fall on campus :: boulder, co

Don't get me wrong, I loved going to Wisconsin for college. It was open and lively and had a sense of community I haven't heard mentioned in regards to any other campus, however the University of Colorado is an absolute stunner. It makes me hate whatever architect decided to make Wisconsin such a patchwork of styles (let's not even talk about the full-on concrete raid-proof buildings constructed in the 70s). Colorado is everything a college campus should look like - quiet, cohesive and there's not a single stoplight in the whole thing.

autumn in the woods :: boulder, co

October has been (and always will be) my favorite month but it seems to last half the length as all the other ones. I find this rightly unfair. The leaves change all at once and in a week (or so it seems) it's winter. Here in Colorado, the snow luckily comes and goes nice and quick so it's fall - then winter - then fall again until the cold sticks around in November. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the fall temperatures linger just a bit longer.

new belgium brewery tour :: fort collins, co

One day in September I drove up to Fort Collins to visit my friend Lauren and my favorite stop on our bike across town was the New Belgium Brewery of Fat Tire fame. I did learn, yes, but mostly we just drank - they served 20oz on the tour and Lauren and I may have snagged several extra pours along the way. Also I got a slide burn on my knee that's still healing.

La Folie is still my reigning favorite but if you haven't had a sour beer before, I'm warning you now it's kinda weird. Albeit gloriously weird and delicious.

biking the poudre :: fort collins, co

My favorite thing about Fort Collins was the feeling like you could realistically bike anywhere. 

And as the only non-bike enthusiast in all of Colorado, this was awesome. I mean, I like bikes. I'm just not a biker. I used to have a crappy Craigslist road bike that I put zero maintenance into. Then it got stolen, which sucked but I was more bummed about the money I lost than the actual bike. 

Plus, I have a huge problem wearing clothing that is appropriate for biking - I wear a dress nearly every day (the issue here is obvious) and cross-body bags bang against the frame in an annoying fashion. I'm a walker. 

But in Fort Collins, I could just be a biker.

chickens :: fort collins, co

It must be really trendy now to have chickens. Urban chickens roaming around on little scraps of grass, playing amongst the bikes and patio furniture. While it is a very Boulder thing to do, I encountered these babies in Fort Collins. I can absolutely understand why my friend got them; chickens have velociraptor feet, which is cool. Also, during adolescence they produce one egg a day each. Each! Think of all the omelets!

I definitely still prefer goats, but I have a newfound love for chickens mainly because I found them hilarious.

dushanbe (again) :: boulder, co

This place is so damn pretty that every time I go in it I take a bajillion pictures. And then I get home and load them on my computer only to realize that I have already taken them before. The last time I was there. But guys! Look at that ceiling! The walls! And how cute my friend Alyssa is!

This is, and always will be, my go-to place for chai adventures, chess with Lauren, photography escapades with Hanna and showing Boulder off to visitors. Be prepared for lots more photos of this place, for better or for worse, because I just cannot reign it in.

the hundred year flood :: boulder, co

It was a weird weird slew of days here in Boulder. That nice fog turned into a three-day-straight torrential downpour which flooded the Boulder Creek, broke the dam in Nederland and completely cut off Lyons (and for a moment, Boulder too). From my third story apartment view it really didn't seem that bad. CU and the local school district closed school both Thursday and Friday nearly instantly and then sent out a mass text to students warning them to get to high ground and avoid the creek. So obviously, we beelined it to the closest big bridge - about three blocks away...

...Which is where I learned that perhaps it was worse than I thought. Honestly, what surprises me more than this flood is that no idiot CU student died. People were tubing and frolicking in the (sewage) water while literally whole trees were rushing down.

On Friday you could easily get stuck somewhere in Boulder. Drive over to a friends' house to celebrate the day off  and find that a couple hours later that road you took to get there is now closed. Tuff!

Just so you know, the above picture usually looks like this.

And for those curious, this area classifies floods by the probability that they occur each year. A ten year flood is pretty bad, a fifty year flood is even worse and a hundred year flood like this one (so I've been told) is nasty. Here are some photos of the previous hundred year flood in 1894.